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On this page we have a collection of online forums and discussion groups where you can communicate with other help authoring professionals.


6750+ members

A HATT mailing list on help authoring tools and techniques and related topics.


On-line Help systems

1211+ members

A forum for discussing MS Visual Studio 7/8/9 Help authoring related issues


DITA users group is a Public Group with 4057 members

4050+ members

The dita-users group is dedicated to supporting users of DITA, covering everything from very general to very advanced topics.



A mailing list pertaining to issues developing and implementing Apple Help technologies, including Help Viewer and Help Tags. This list is for engineers, designers, and authors of third-party help systems.



Online community on technical communication.


Technical Writer Forum

23 500+ members

A forum to discuss trends and issues affecting technical writers and the technical communications world.


Agile Technical Writers

7 500+ members

Agile Technical Writers is for technical writers, information developers, online help authors, and instructional developers.


Writing & Writer Jobs, Freelance & Technical Writer Jobs

44 000+ members

Get Latest Collection Of Writing & Writer Jobs, Freelance & Technical Writer Jobs,Medical Writing Jobs, Content Writer


Technical Writer

11 500+ members

This group is founded to provide knowledge based training about technical writing and document writing.


Technical Writer in Action

5 450+ members

The latest trends in technical communication.


Documentation and Technical Writing Management

19 500+ members

Group for Documentation and TechnicalWriting Managers to share information on the latest trends and innovations.


TC in Europe

1150+ members

A group for technical communicators in Europe.


Help File Developers

1 008+ members

Technical writers using RoboHelp, Document X, HelpStudio, Captivate, Madcap Flare and other HTML editing applications.

IT Tech Writers

3 450+ members

A group for technical writers who mostly write about hardware or software.


API Documentation

2 197+ members

API Documentation is a LinkedIn community for professional Programmers & Technical Writers who write API Documentation.


Technical Writers Page

1430+ subscribers

The intent of this page is to provide Tech Writers with a way to share information and ideas about Technical Writing. Anybody with an interest in Technical Writing can use this page as a way to find useful links to resources and gather information.


Microsoft WinHelp and HTML Help authoring systems forum

2339+ members

Professional forum and technical support for computer/IT pros for Microsoft: WinHelp and HTML Help authoring systems. Includes problem solving collaboration tools.


Download a Help Authoring Tool

You can download one of the recommendable help authoring tools that combines a rich feature-set, slight learning curve, and affordable price.

HelpSmith Download

HelpSmith main window

Product Details:

Detail Value
Product HelpSmith 10.0
Filename HelpSmithSetup.exe
File size 65 MB
Platform Windows 11/10/8/7
System requirements 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 150MB free disk space